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Baileys Horse feeds is a family run business started in 1982. To produce a large variety of nutritionally balanced quality horse feeds.

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Baileys Speedi-Beet
Baileys Speedi-Beet
SPEEDI-BEET QUICK-SOAKING LOW SUGAR BEET PULP TARGETED AT : Those requiring forage alternatives in the field or stable Horses on a low starch diet needing low sugar, high fibre calories Good-doers who need to be kept chewing, while...
£14.15 *
Baileys No:19 Performance Balancer
Baileys No:19 Performance Balancer
NO.19 PERFORMANCE BALANCER HIGH SPECIFICATION BALANCER FOR WORKING HORSES AND PONIES TARGETED AT: Good-doers in work who hold weight easily Equines prone to gastric ulcers needing a calorie-controlled diet Horses requiring superior top...
£29.00 *