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Borstiq Farm is a distributor of equestrian products ranging from brooms to brushes. Borstiq strives to manufacture their products with natural materials, thus proving to be of the highest quality. Borstiq Farm was first established in 1998, in Sweden. With Swedish design, it is certain that these products are built to last, stylish and really get the job done!

Borstiq farm is renowned for their banana-shaped brushes, being light and comfortable to hold they help create a shine to even the dullest horses. Each grooming product is fitted with a wooden handle and the classic Borstiq Farm logo.

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Borstiq Ergo Hair/Massage Brush Medium
Borstiq Ergo Hair/Massage Brush Medium
The Borstiq Ergo Hair Massage Brush Features Made from hardwood with ergo shaped handle and wooden pegs for bristles Great for massage and on manes and tails Also suitable for grooming cats and dogs.
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