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NikWax Rug Wash 1 Litre

NikWax Rug Wash 1 Litre
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  • SS7499
Rug Wash™ Speciality cleaner designed to revitalise water repellency and breathability for all... more
Product information "NikWax Rug Wash 1 Litre"

Rug Wash™

Speciality cleaner designed to revitalise water repellency and breathability for all animal coats and rugs.

Easy to use in a washing machine or by hand. For cleaning animal coats and rugs

  • Technical cleaner for animal rugs and blankets
  • Cleans effectively, revitalises insulation and restores water repellency
  • Revives the performance of rugs and blankets, keeping your animal warmer and drier
  • Recommended for Rambo® and all other animal rugs and blankets

Why breathability is essential for the comfort of your animal… Your animal is most likely to get clammy and uncomfortable in wet or damp conditions if the breathability of their waterproof rug or coat is impaired. If the outer fabric absorbs water, the rug/coat can lose up to 70% of its breathability. Therefore, the Durable Water Repellency (DWR) on the outer fabric of your animal rug/coat must be maintained to ensure comfort. Nikwax Rug Wash™ will revitalise the DWR and therefore breathability of your animal rug/coat, keeping your animal comfortable.

Waterproof fabrics need to be breathable… Some animals, including dogs and horses, can be subjected to the elements whilst outside. When it rains, waterproof rugs and coats are used to keep them dry and comfortable.

It is important that these waterproof fabrics allow moisture vapour to pass through them, or ‘breathe’; otherwise moisture cannot evaporate, so will condense on the inside of the item. Additionally, if the outer fabric absorbs water and ‘wets out’ the item’s breathability will be reduced. Both of these situations will lead to your animal getting clammy, cold and uncomfortable.

The breathability of rugs and coats can be maintained by ensuring the Durable Water Repellency (DWR) is kept in good condition. Nikwax Rug Wash™ will revitalise the DWR preventing water absorption and maintaining breathability to keep your animals dry and comfortable.

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