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Red Gorilla Corn Broom

Red Gorilla Corn Broom
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  • SS1622
Sweep dirt away with the traditional Corn Broom  This broom is specially designed to help... more
Product information "Red Gorilla Corn Broom"

Sweep dirt away with the traditional Corn Broom 

This broom is specially designed to help you clean corners and hard to reach areas. The unique broom head is made tightly from natural, firm corn bristles for a thorough sweep.

Our corn broom comes with a durable, natural, hardwood handle.

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Red Gorilla

Quality equipment since 1981

Established over 35 years ago, we developed Tubtrugs®, the first two-handled, super-strong flexible tub brand that is known and loved globally.

Trubtugs, trogtubs, tribtops, rugtubs…we’ve heard ‘em all. But there is a story behind the name Tubtrugs®.

After developing the beloved two-handled flexible tub, we didn’t know what to call it! And how do you sell a product without a name?

Everyone knows what a "tub" is, and our super-flexible, ultra-durable use-it-for-everything container obviously fit that description. However, our tub was more than just a "tub", so we left it to our milkman, Bigfinger. Yep, you read that right.

Bigfinger (called that because his hands are like a bunch of bananas) made a delivery as we were wrestling with this naming conundrum and gave us the word "trug". A trug is a shallow basket made of slats of wood used in England gardens. With a little glue and elbow-grease we fit the two words together, and voila! — Tubtrugs®!