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Vetroflex Original

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  • SD11351.1
Help your horse or pony to safely and naturally maintain supple movement and flexibility, with... more
Product information "Vetroflex Original"

Help your horse or pony to safely and naturally maintain supple movement and flexibility, with Vetroflex Original – and feel the difference when you ride.

Supporting healthy cartilage in your horse’s joints, ligaments and tendons is key to performance in equines (not to mention their wellbeing), however wear and tear can occur at any age – and active horses are particularly susceptible.

Vetroflex Original works to naturally support the body’s own ability to repair and rejuvenate. A helping hand for horses, packed with 100% natural ingredients, this horse joint supplement is tasked with keeping your horse sound, strong and flexible – and it delivers at every step of the way.

Scientifically formulated for horses to produce outstanding results, it is a pure and natural peptide blend of hydrolysed collagen which ensures rapid absorption; and enables your horse to naturally strengthen and protect their joints.

The all-natural formula has no known side effects, and offers rapid, effective support for horses to keep them comfortable, happy and healthy from day to day. Whether it’s for your performance horse, or to help your ageing equine to stay sound, Vetroflex Original has got you covered.

Created with your horse’s health in mind, Vetroflex Original is free from banned ingredients and is safe to use with the performance horse.

Why it’s so great:

  • Vetroflex Original supports your horse’s own natural ability to maintain equine joint, bone, ligament and connective tissue health through aiding the natural production of joint cartilage
  • Offers rapid and maximal absorption for effective results
  • A great supplement for horses that are prone to stiffness or reduced performance levels
  • Supports the natural ageing process through relieving discomfort and stiffness from wear and tear
  • Represents a unique and proven approach to managing equine joint health and performance
  • Vetroflex Original is a 100% natural horse supplement which is safe for long term use
  • Free from banned substances and safe to use in competition and performance horses

How does it work?

Cartilage is an essential part of your horse’s body. Made up of chondrocytes (specialised cartilage cells), it is a mixture of collagen and proteoglycans. Acting as a natural shock absorber, it is a tough and flexible tissue which protects equine joints and bones from the friction caused by everyday movement, as well as from potential injury. And while it does a great job on its own, daily wear and tear alongside heavy use means it can always use a helping hand.

Enter Vetroflex Original.

Vetroflex Original works to keep your horse sound, strong and flexible by protecting their cartilage from deterioration; as well as naturally stimulating the production of collagen and proteoglycan – two components which naturally occur within cartilage.

Vetroflex Original has the same amino acid composition as collagen and supplies the amino acids such as glycine and proline, of particular importance for the synthesis of collagen. It can be used daily, on a long-term basis, to support your horse’s health and wellbeing – because you both deserve the best.

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Animal Life

Animal Life Promotes Clean Sport products enabling horses to continue competition whilst treating a problem.

What is Clean Sport? Clean Sport encompasses a detailed approach to keeping sport clean from prohibited substances. This includes the Equine Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication Rules (EADCMR) at National and International competition. The FEI (International) and BEF (National) regulate and test for the use of prohibited substances that have the potential to affect equine performance, health or welfare and therefore have a high potential for misuse.