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Woof Wear Hot & Cold Twin Gel Pack

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  • EQ19938
Woof Wear Hot & Cold Therapy Packs are ideal to coll legs off after strenuous exercise. In... more
Product information "Woof Wear Hot & Cold Twin Gel Pack"

Woof Wear Hot & Cold Therapy Packs are ideal to coll legs off after strenuous exercise. In addition, these packs can be heated up to provide heat therapy when required. Cold Therapy is often used to reduce inflammation, by decreasing the blood flow to a strained area, thus slows metabolism of the tissue surrounding the strained area, helping minimising any further damage and, as a result, speed healing. 

Heat therapy is often used to also treat a trauma to tissues or joints, heat being a form of energy increases the metabolic rates of cell activity rather than decreases like cold water. Heat therapy dilated capillaries, and as a result, oxygen and nutrients within the blood are brought to the area much faster.  


  • Equine Specific Flexible, even when frozen
  • Assists both hot and cold therapy
  • Perfect fit into Ice Therapy Boots
  • Each pack contains two pairs
  • Stays flexible even at -18 degrees! 


Wipe clean with a damp cloth This size fits perfectly into the Ice Therapy Boots 

Application Guide: 

For cold use – Haematomas, sprains, injuries, high temperature and whenever cold application is required. 

Cold water 

1. Place pack in a bucket of cold water.

 2. Remove and place pack in mesh liner of the boot and apply. 


1. Store in a freezer for at least 1h30 – 2hrs before use. The gel is designed to be frozen in a domestic freezer which is generally set at -3°C. 

2. Insert into the boot and apply to affected area – straight from freezer. The pack will remain ice cold for approximately 30 minutes, depending on nature of injury and outside temperature. 

For warm use – Stiffness, rheumatism and whenever hot application is required. 

Hot water 

1. Place pack in boiling water for no more than 5 minutes.

 2. Remove and insert pack into the boot and apply.


1. Place pack in the microwave for a maximum of 1 minute at 600 watts.

 2. Insert into the boot and apply. 

Caution! – When pack is at the desired temperature, never apply directly to the skin. If discomfort is shown remove for a few moments then re-apply. Do not break the bag or use if torn or punctured. External use only.

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