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Baillie Haylage

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  • SS3184
Haylage Varieties Ryegrass – Medium to high energy with very good palatability:  Suitable... more
Product information "Baillie Haylage"

Haylage Varieties

Ryegrass – Medium to high energy with very good palatability:  Suitable for competition horses.

Ryegrass + Timothy – Medium energy with improved palatability: Suitable for horses in medium work.

High Fibre  – Medium to low energy with improved palatability: Suitable for horses in light to medium work, good or poor doers and some laminitics.

Meadow Grass – Medium to low energy, softer texture for improved palatability: Meadow Grass is a medium to low energy haylage with a softer texture which is suitable for older horses, convalescents, fussy eaters and some laminitics.

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Why Baillie Haylage?

Baillie Haylage is a natural British product, grown in Lincolnshire, from specially selected grasses. It is suitable for any horse, at any level, from a child’s riding pony to a Grand National winner.

Baillie Haylage is clean to handle and provides a healthier environment for horses and humans.

Baillie Haylage is wrapped in many layers of tough plastic and can be easily stored outside all year round.

Baillie Haylage supplies many of the top competition yards in the UK, as well as the enthusiastic amateur. We have also supplied many British equestrian teams with Haylage.

Once opened, the bales should ideally be used within 6 days, but will last up to 10 days in the winter.

Baillie Haylage is very aware of the present day environmental issues and actively takes a responsible attitude towards them.

Baillie Haylage is committed to providing a top quality product, together with an excellent service to its customers.

Baillie Haylage is batch coded to ensure full traceability.

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